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Love is Chapter 3

R for the fic, R for this section
humour, hangovers, a bit of crack, and someone's potty mouth


Jungsu woke up to only feel pain. It felt as though 20 elephants were river dancing in his head while 20 other did tap dancing. Needless to say he was suffering from a horrible hangover. And a crushed lung, since he found he couldn't really breathe that good. When he looked down at his chest, he saw the new guy sleeping there...

...and promptly freaked out.

"AH! OMG! What happened last night? Fuck, my head! Owie, owie, owie."

"Mmm, where am I?"

Now, let's get the right feel for that sentence. Imagine a little child waking up, rubbing their eyes with a fist, cute bed hair, and a cute pout for being woken up on their face. Got it? Good. Now multiply that by 100, and you get the scene for that last sentence. Of course all Jungsu heard were Knock out bells, because that did him in real good.

"Uh, um, you're at my, um, house?"

"Yours? Ok. Did we have sex last night?"


"No? Ok. Can I go home now?"

"Uh, sure."

...and let it be known that Jungsu is weak against all things cute. Amen.

He knew that he couldn't let the new guy leave since hangovers negates the word vomiting, so he just shifts until the new guy is sitting in his lap, yawning cutely and pouting for the hang over he must feel. And knowing Jungsu that was the best place the new guy ever been in.

"In case you forgot, my name is Jungsu. What's yours?"

"Oh! Um, I'm not used to having a chance to talk when I'm with you^^;;"

"Yeah^^;; Sorry about that. It only happens when I get nervous."

"Why are you nervous?"

"Um, because^^;;"

"Ok...well, my name is-"

When you leave, my colors fade to gray. Numa numa ay. Numa numa numa ay.

"Shit, that's my phone, hold on."

So Jungsu went to answer his cell, which was located in the fridge, but he knew it probably had something to do with the drinking he did last night. When he reached his cell, he saw that it was Heechul calling. Silently cursing his friend he answered the phone, only to wish he hadn't.

"Yah! Jungsu-yah! I heard you took the new kid back to your place!"

"Chul-ah, please lower your voice. My head hurts."

"Yah, I'll talk as loud as I want! Just because you're older than me by x amount of days doesn't mean jack spit to me, got it!"

"Whatever. What do you want?"

"Want? Oh, nothing. Just felt as if it was the best time to call. Felt like you were gonna find something out, or something."

"Chul-ah, I hate you. And I'm hanging up right now."

"What? You can't-"

Let us pray for Jungsu, for hanging up on Heechul is like saying f you to a room full of gangsters. He knew what he did would warrant punishment, but he had a PYT (pretty young thang) on his couch he wanted to debauch/talk to. Unfortunately for him said PYT was getting up to leave, which he couldn't have.



"...be safe, because we wouldn't want you to get hurt on your way home. Of course if you took the bus you'd be fine. But do you even know what neighborhood this is? Do you want to know the nearest train stop? I can walk you to the bus stop if you get lonely. I would get lonely if I didn't know where I was. Are you sure you don't-"

When you leave, my colors fade to gray. Numa numa ay. Numa numa numa ay.

"Oh! Look at that! That's my phone^^ Guess I'll answer it now^^;;"

Of course in the few seconds it took to answer his phone, the new guy ran out of there like a bat out of hell. But our poor Jungsu was too busy glaring at the screen and the number that showed up.

"What is it that you want now, Heechul?"

"One, you never hang up on me. Two, you ask things to me nicely. Three, my word vomiting senses were tingling. My bet is you've scared the poor child out of your home."

Sure, he scared the new guy out of his home, but that was something that Heechul didn't need to know, since he didn't know it himself. The best thing about lying over the phone is that no one can see you do it.

"No, I did not scare the new guy out of my home. He merely went to the bathroom."

"Well, I've caught you in your lie."

"And how is that?"

"Well, as I was going to come over to your place, I saw a figure that look strangely like that poor child's and went in to get a closer look. Imagine my surprise when it was him, looking as if he's watched the scariest movie in the world. Oh, open up the door, I'm outside."

But Jungsu never opened the door. He opened his window and jumped. Luckily he lived on the second floor and was used to running away from Heechul whenever he visited. Story behind this involves Heechul, male strippers, and drag queens, ugly one at that. Not something he ever wanted in his home again regardless of Heechul just stopping by.

But, since this is Heechul we're talking about, Jungsu never got as far as his block. Using the power of the fairyland Heechul appeared before Jungsu. Poor Jungsu got the scare of his life, especially since Heechul's gender could be identified today...as female.

"So, I woke up and could have sworn Heechul was in a dress. But it's a dream, ha ha..."

"In your dreams, Jungsu-yah. Look, your virgin jailbait just ran like hell out of here, just thought I should let you know. Now, be gone from my presence, commoner!"

And as fast as Heechul appeared, he disappeared. Jungsu shuffled back to his window, cause you wouldn't want flies, and went back to bed/couch. Being the sad soul he feels at the moment, he took off his shirt, hoping to smell more of the new guy, and not the club they went to last night.

So the day ended with Jungsu doing questionable things with his shirt, Heechul doing what he does best: be Heechul, and the new guy utterly lost, cause he doesn't know where he is, and there's a drag queen offering him a good time.

“But I could have sworn Heechul was in a dress…”

here it is, chapter three, which was done around the same time 1&2 were^^;;
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