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Only 14?

pg, 604 words
strange, angst, eh?

Nobody knew where he was at any given moment. He would smile and sing on stage, but as soon as the lights went out he would blend in with the shadows. He was more of a lone wolf than anyone gave him credit for.

Nobody would know of his activities, either. They knew when he was on shows and on the radio, but never anything after it was over. They could never find him even if he wanted them too.

The one man they all followed was nowhere to be seen, but they've gotten used to it. In the dorm they'd be lucky if they seen him for a minute. The running record was about three minutes.

So why did he continued to stay if not to be seen? No one had the answer to that one, and after three years running no one cared any more.

So why, they asked their selves, did we see him all that day? He sat at the breakfast table, more awake than he usually is at that time, and even joked with some of the others. He talked during the car ride over, and when they got to their destination he didn't disappeared like he usually did.

They started to worry, maybe something's wrong him, and everyone felt unsettled. So when it was time for the interview they had that day, the smiles were faker than usual, and the air was very tense around everyone but him. They knew something was going to happen that affected all of them, but they were not ready for what happened.

"Leeteuk-sshi, how do you feel about the fans chanting 13 during your "Don't Don" performances?"

"I feel a bit sad. I thought our fans loved Super Junior not for its numbers, but for its members. What's one or two more? I say the more, the merrier."

"Well, if they were to become new members of Super Junior, would you welcome them?"



At this point the members were worried. They didn't know what he had planned, and they didn't like how things were going. Everyone eyes were on him, waiting to see what he said next.

"I said I would not welcome them. I already consider them a part of Super Junior, whether anyone likes it or not. And all of this 13 nonsense? I don't like it much at all."

"I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean here, Leeteuk-sshi."

"Simple. With Henry and Zhou Mi that would make 15, right?"

"Yes it would."

"Well, I'm advocating 14 members of Super Junior, because I feel that the only way to have them be accepted is if there are 13 with them included, since our fans want just 13."

"What do you mean by this, Leeteuk-sshi?"

"What I mean is as of right now I am no longer apart of Super Junior, and will be retiring from the music business all together."

Nobody knew that he was going to say that, as seen by the shocked looks upon their faces. Them without him just didn't make sense in their minds, or their hearts. But he was standing there willing to throw three years of hard work away just so someone else can have the chance to shine.

That day, as they watch his back grow fainter the more steps he took away from it all, they realized that he was never really apart of them at all, but merely a passing thought. Just like the way he acted off camera he blended in with the shadows of their minds, never to be seen again, but always a thought.

yeah, what happens 3.23am



Jun. 30th, 2008 02:37 am (UTC)
thanks^^ i don't really care about the number, because super junior is suju, not suju13. but all we need is more people to join, and everyone will forget about this. kyuhyun must have had a hard time when he joined, too^^