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079. The Same Old Thing

R, 497 words
angst, rape, langauge

Sunny days were meant for happiness. The sun up high, the clouds floating by, the blue of the sky, sunny days were meant for happiness.

But most sunny days are meant to tell of a horrible story lurking underneath the day. Most sunny days tell of the same thing that happens throughout most of the year.

For Jung Su, it told of a home with no warmth, no smiles, and no love. Sunny days were for the fortunate, and he was not among them.

Every day he would sit in the same bedroom, upon the same bloody sheets from the night before, thinking of the same old thing he always thinks of: freedom. During the times he waits for his "lover" return he tries to think about the good old days, the sunny days, or just the last time he saw the light of day.

And when he hears the front door open and close, he knows that it's back to the same old thing his life evolved into. And when Joong Woon walks into the bedroom, he gets in the same position, on the floor, knees spread, hands behind the back, eyes down, and he accepts whatever comes his way.

"I heard that you wanted to find a job!"

"Never, I love you too much to even think about it."

"Don't lie to me, whore. You fucking wanted to find a job, didn't you?"

"Never, I love you too much-"

"Don't fucking lie to me!"

And the beatings that follow conversations like these are always the same thing: the same punch to the face, the same kick to the ribs, the same plot of hair pulled, the same words said. For Jung Su, it matters not what time of day it was, or even what year it was, for it was always the same old thing for him.

After the beating is over, he lies on the bed, waiting for the same old rice and water he gets twice a day, and the same order to "clean" him self up. He then lies in the center of the bed and awaits the same old rape that comes every night.

As Joong Woon thrusts into Jung Su's unprepared passage he whispers the same words of "I love you, why would you make me do this to you?" Limp and detached, Jung Su thinks about what he would be accused of tomorrow, and how badly the beating might be. When Joong Woon finishes with a strangled "You are mine," He falls on top of Jung Su, dead to the world, while Jung Su just lies there and stares at the ceiling. Flashes of the past drifts by and disappears before he can grasp hold of them, reminding him that they were here, but this is now.

And when the alarm goes off, Jung Su knows that it's another start to the same old thing. And the sunny days go on forgetting about the one who loved them most.

i want to thank you for stoping by^^ comments are nice, like toast.


Hildya Orul
Sep. 15th, 2013 08:27 am (UTC)
I love this!!
Hehehehe, I wish it was a bit longer but I love it nevertheless..