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018. Keys

pg, 377 words
angst turning into fluff^^

When I woke up this morning, I wanted to break up with you. For a while I realized that you could never be what I wanted you to be, what I needed you to be for me.

Around the others, you smile and laugh. Around me you never want to do so. Why is it that them and me are treated this way, when I fell for your smile? Why won't you...

Whatever, I'm determined to break up with you. You never cared, so why should I?


"What!" Yes, I snapped at him. It's too much, it hurts too much. Why do I not get the same liberties as the others? Why is it that I'm with you only in body?

"Well, I can tell someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I'll just be leaving now."

"Whatever. Bye." And he left. But then I noticed that he left his keys. Does this mean our love still shines on?

When we first moved in together, he would forget his keys a lot. I would reach him before he got too far and give them back. He would always be waiting right outside, greeting me with a smile just for me, and whatever I was mad at in life seems so small then. How does he do it? He manages to make me forget everything in the world in these moments. Do I really want to give up these moments?

My fingers itched to grab those keys, and my leg yearned to follow him to where I know he'll be, but I'm too mad. Well, I like to have thought I was mad, but this routine is imbedded in me, so I follow through with it.

I reached outside, my eyes automatically finding him right by the door. I walked over to him, like so many times before, with my arms wide open, and I hugged him.

"Hyung, you left something."

"Really? What?"


As I embraced him, I realized that no matter how many times I want to leave him, I never could. It's moments like these that made me realized that this is the only smile I need from him; let the others get the ones not from his heart.

I can write happy stuff, too^^
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May. 25th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
that's my fav. part of this fic, too^^ fluff is nice to write once in a while^^