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089. "I like your face."

R, 1,050 words
au, not for the weak of heart, death, gore, psycho (^^;;)

The doctors told me I had a mental illness. My family told me I was crazy. Strangers look at me and dub me as a nutcase. None of it's true.

I just happen to like things others might think is strange.

I always ask them who are you to tell me what's normal or not? Your words are nothing more than that.

So I continued through life with this policy, thus ending up in a loony bin. I've been here for too many years. Many think I haven't been here long enough. I usually stab them with my spork over and over again until I reach the bone.

I should be in jail, but pleading temporary insanity, then being proven that I am insane, gave me an easy meal ticket. I can collect anything I want, and people tell me I'm crazy. Such the great life I live, right?

So it shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell someone I like something of his or hers. Their arm, foot, hell, once I told someone I liked their lungs. They put me in a padded room for months.


"What?" This would be the new guy we got in, since the last one went missing. All right, it's more like he went missing a leg and a toe, but how is still a mystery. So they hired this green kid fresh out of college. And I never thought I would get the thrill of touching what I consider a virgin...

"Come closer, sweet thing." And he did. I guess they never briefed him on me, since I made several appearances in psychology books worldwide.

"What do you want, Mr. Kim?"

"Wanna know a secret?"

"Sure, Mr. Kim."

"Gotta come closer." And he did, again. I was practically kissing his ear. Maybe he was trying the whole go along with it approach. What he doesn't know is no approach works on me.

"I like your face. I want to have it. And I will obtain it."

"That's an interesting thing to say. It's time for your nap." And as much as I wanted to say words that would make a sailor blush, I held my tongue, because I knew how to get him. His type is the easiest to get, that's why I always want the most from them.

After waking up from my nap, since crazy people act like little kids, I went to dinner. I have a table that no one even sits near, let alone at, so when I saw my little, sweet virgin, I was pleasantly surprised.

"Hello, sweet thing. What brings you to paradise?"

"Oh, Mr. Kim! I was told I should get to know some of the people here." I never realized how easy this was going to be until that moment. I could already see my prize waiting for me, and my mouth watered at this.

"Well, if we go to my room, I'll tell you anything you want to know about me. I'm a bit shy, so I tend not to tell too much while in the presence of a crowd."

"Oh, no problem. You're very well spoken for someone being here."

"I very well at many things, sweet thing." And off we went to my room. I have to say I was almost jumping up and down at this. He didn't even notice when I slipped his plastic knife in my pocket, though I like to use sporks. Something about them amazes me.

Well, we made it to my room where he sat down on a bolted down metal chair, which is the perfect place to get what I want. And they made my room soundproof. Screaming for hours will get you that, and my throat was sore afterwards, too.

"Make yourself comfy, sweet thing, and ask the night away." And he looked eager to figure out the mystery that is me, bless his little heart. He also looked lost, like he didn't know what to ask me first. Of course I didn't give him the time to utter a word.

The human flesh makes such a wet sound if you stab it right. With the knife I was using, it must have hurt a lot. Being stabbed under your jaw must hurt a lot, though I never plan on finding out how much. But I had to make sure any attempts at screaming were thwarted.

He started to struggle, making gurgling sounds, and making me more excited. A prey is no fun is they don't put up the struggle. And he punched out, kicked out, tried to scream out, anything to save himself. But I didn't go through 50,000 levels of various martial arts styles to be out foxed.

I tied him to the chair he was still in for some reason, and I began to cut off his face. I took my knife to the skin under his ear, because I wanted those, too, and I sawed my way around. Some of his hair got in the way, but it was a minor problem. I made it to the other ear and realized it was pierced; another prize for me.

When I finally got to the other ear, he was still breathing. I was hoping the blood lost would kick in, but he was a willful one, though humans are when face with death. He made one last gurgling sound before dying. I stuck the knife under the skin to detach it from the skull, and after another minute I was waving my prize around like a flag. A white flag, kind of like Dido's song^^

When the nightly rounds came around, they saw the dead body. All they could do is look on sadly as another one was lost with my fancy.

"I was starting to like him, too"

"Don't get your hopes up too much, In Sung-ah"

"Whatever, Wook-ah. Just go to sleep, the body will be gone by tomorrow."

"Thanks. What was his name, anyways?"

"Kim Young- something. Woon? Wan? Hwan? He just started today."

"Oh, oops?" And with that he turned away, shaking his head in pity for the soul lost today. It's too bad I can't find out his name, for a trophy needs a name, but I'll leave it as "The Young Mr. Kim."

Just happy if you made it to this point, though if you did, you are very brave^_^V
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May. 25th, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
if gore is refreshing....then i thank you for stoping by^^
May. 26th, 2008 10:59 am (UTC)
Haha, I know it sounds weird but it's like... I've been reading some fluff etc. lately so that's why :DD
Jul. 5th, 2008 06:23 am (UTC)
fluff would be refreshing for me right about now^^;;